JESS WARD is a singer, songwriter, harpist and fiddle player from Pembrokeshire, West Wales. She has been performing in public for many years, and started out by accompanying herself on guitar.

In summer 2012, she gave in to a life long desire to play the Celtic harp and has not looked back since.

Jess says: “When I was three, my parents owned a Celtic harp for a short time. I remember the magical resonances of the strings that reached up and over my head, they seemed to go on forever.

“It made such an impression and I was heartbroken when the harp was sold. I have carried this vivid memory with me all these years and held, buried within, the deep knowledge that somehow I was connected to this instrument.

“When I first laid my hands upon these strings, at the end of June 2012, it was the unlocking of a deep creative well and the channelling of intense inspiration, coming from the harp itself, as it softly laid its enchantment over me.”

In addition to playing the harp and piano, Jess has also returned to the violin, an instrument she first learned to play while at school.

Jess regularly sings and performs at a range of venues across west Wales, big and small, and is a familiar face at festivals of all shapes and sizes.

In addition to her solo gigs, and appearances with fiddle player Holly Robinson, she is also a member of the five-piece Welsh group Estron and dances and plays fiddle with Pembrokeshire-based Heb Enw Border Morris.

Indeed, with music in her soul if Jess is not to be found playing an instrument or singing, you can almost certainly guarantee she will be first up to dance whatever the music or event.

In addition to performing, she runs regular European dance classes and also turns out as a caller for dances as well as teaching piano.