My first harp CD

Jess Ward EP

Jess Ward – the EP:

WHEN I was 3 my parents owned a Celtic harp for a short time. I remember the magical resonances of the strings that reached up and over my head, they seemed to go on forever. It made such an impression and I was heartbroken when the harp was sold. I have carried this vivid memory with me all these years and held, buried within, the deep knowledge that somehow I was connected to this instrument, more like a living creature than any other.
When I first laid my hands upon these strings, at the end of June 2012, it was the unlocking of a deep creative well and the channelling of intense inspiration, coming from the harp itself, as it softly laid its enchantment over me.
With this EP I offer you some of the first fruits from the tree.
Tracks are my own songs The Giddy Girl, The Mermaid’s Lament, and Three Leaves, and The Blacksmith (traditional, arr. Jess Ward).


Released March 9, 2014 
Recorded by Jens Schroeder at Dreamworld Studio, Pembrokeshire.
Available from Bandcamp at £5.
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