The Mermaid’s Lament


JESS Ward’s debut album on the harp was The Mermaid’ Lament.

Featuring 13 tracks, mostly original songs plus a few traditional tunes played on the harp, its magical sound was praised by folk fans and critics alike. It also received airtime on BBC Radio Wales and Radio Pembrokeshire.

Songs include Invocation, Cowrie Love, The Giddy Girl, Raven Wing, 3 Leaves, The Mermaid’s Lament, Heartbroken Man, Over & Over, Longing, Dancing with the Devil accompanied  by traditional Welsh tune Ty Bach Twt, and beautiful three part harmonies on the a cappella song Lift up Your Face. Tunes include a Schottische and Tommy Bhetty’s Waltz arranged by Jess.

The album was recorded by Jens Schroeder at Dreamworld Studio, Pembrokeshire and was released in September 2014.

It is available to download at £10 from Bandcamp or contact Jess for a CD.

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